Tzu Chi’s charity work began with pennies collected in bamboo banks.
For a heart filled with love, giving is a daily path.
There’s so much to be grateful for, so let’s give back.



A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador in April: It was the strongest quake the country has faced in decades.

Tzu Chi is providing disaster relief: We will accompany the people of Ecuador on the long road to full recovery.





We started with 30 women who saved 2 cents daily while making a vow to help others.

50 years ago, housewives inspired by Master Cheng Yen’s vow to serve others joined her mission of love by donating from their humble grocery fund.



By giving every day, we can create a mighty ocean of love.

Giving awakens love and kindness in our hearts and casts an infinite ripple of good across the world. Let’s do it daily.

From a recipient of blessings, become the giver.

We can all discover aspects of our lives to be grateful for. Let’s turn gratitude to generosity, because everyone has the capacity to give.




By giving, we have the power to change the world.


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